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The Revised Effect on Community Residents’ Perception and Support in Rural Historical Tourism: On Case of Qintong Ancient Town
Shan Genzhi, Yee Choy Leong, Choo Wei Chong, Ramachandran Sridar & Zhang Ping
Abstract: The paper analyzes and investigates the factors influencing the residents’ perception and support in the context of rural historical tourism destination based on a revised stakeholder theory. As a core stakeholder, residents’ reluctance and ignorance in participation in tourism have led to some deterioration and damage in historical sites. Thus, sustainable evaluation of local residents is the essential prerequisite to boost a balanced historical tourism development. Structural equation modeling (SEM) is…
Evaluating the Economic Impact of Sports Tourism in Buriram, Thailand, Mixed Method Study with DID Estimation
Worapong Wongsanun, Somruthai Soontayatron & Touchanun Komonpaisarn
Abstract:The mixed-method study examines the impact of sports tourism development in Buriram by applying an econometric model, difference-in-differences estimation technique (DID). This technique examined Buriram economic and tourism data with the neighborhood provinces by comparing the before and after treatment effects. The impact assessment was confirmed by qualitative techniques of in-depth interview and focus group discussion with Buriram residents’ perceptions and impact on the sports tourism dev…
Innovativeness, Innovation Behaviour and Performance in the Portuguese Hotel Industry
Cleelia Uudam Costa, António da Silva Robalo & Renato Pereira
Abstract: This work investigates hotel innovation activity based on 11 hotel-specific innovation dimensions and antecedents. Results from a sample of 326 Portuguese hotels showed a high level of Innovativeness in the Portuguese hospitality industry. Information and Communication Technology, and Marketing were the leading innovation areas…
The Mediating Role of Destination Image on Sports Tourism Event Attributes and Behavioural Intention
Dhiya Hikmahana Abdul Razak
Abstract: This research examines the relationship between sports tourism event attributes (access quality, accommodation quality and venue quality) and international participant revisit intention. Furthermore, this study attempts to explore the influence of destination image as a mediator between the relationship of sports tourism event attributes and behavioural intention. Sports events is one way to add the attractiveness of a destination for new markets as well as first-time and repeat visitors. However, there is a relatively scarce amount of adequate research regarding sports events and destination image…
Women’s Career Advancement in the Hospitality Industry in the Central Region, Vietnam
Bui Thi Tam, Mai Le Quyen and Nguyen Hoang Tue Quang
Abstract: The underrepresentation of women at the top management level has been a persistent challenge to the hospitality and tourism industry worldwide. While a number of barriers to women’s career advancement in tourism are well-documented, the impact of these barriers is sensitive to different institutional, economic and socio-cultural contexts. Using quantitative research methods, this study aims to investigate barriers to women’s career advancement in the context of the Vietnam hospitality industry, where the collective mechanism is known as a key successful…
Tourism Impacts on Destinations: Insights from a Systematic Review of Literature
Atchara Salee, S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh & Camelia May Li Kusumo
Abstract: This paper aims to systematically review and analyse the current research on tourism impacts on destinations for the period 2016–2020. The study evaluated 80 published articles selected from the Scopus database to identify the types of tourism impacts and subthemes to indicate their pattern. The majority of the studies examined economic, sociocultural, and environmental dimensions, both positively and negatively. Often, the political, technological, and tourism aspects were neglected. Moreover, the most used theory to study tourism impact is Social Exchange Theory (SET). In addition, this study highlights the use of quantitative research to analyse tourist impact on destinations. Equally important, the study finds that the majority of scholars explored tourism impact based on residents’ perceptions. The findings suggest directions for future studies on tourism impacts and provide practical implications to manage tourism development in destinations in a sustainable manner…
Sustainability Indicators in Hotels: A Systematic Literature Review
Mohamed Reem, S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh and Nelum Rajika Wijesinghe Sara
Abstract: In recent years, the concept of sustainability has gained rapid attention in global initiatives, including in research endeavours where concerns over sustainability remain key. Notably, the hotel industry in the hospitality sector has jumped on the bandwagon of sustainable development. However, little is known about the tools of measuring green indicators governing the sustainable practices of the global hotel industry…
A Systematic Literature Review on Tourism Networks, Knowledge Transfer, Absorptive Capacity, and Performance
Muaz Azinuddin, Nur Shahirah Mior Shariffuddin, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Hanafiah, Ahmad Puad Mat Som & Wan Mohd Adzim Wan Mohd Zain
Abstract: Although there is a prevalence of studies that have analysed crucial components of networks, there is a paucity of empirical efforts that explicitly addresses the intrinsic elements associated with structural knowledge movement in networks within the tourism performance realm. To address this gap, this study systematically investigates the interrelatedness between networks, knowledge transfer, absorptive capacity and tourism performance. The systematic literature review (SLR) method was used to select and analyse relevant research works published for the past 20 years. The results reveal that tourism scholars give knowledge-based variables, namely knowledge transfer,…
Constructing Loyalty Through Brand Innovativeness in Onlinebooking Services: The Mediating Effect of Online Brand Experience
Tran Lan-Anh Phan & Chang Ting-Yueh
Abstract: Owing to the fierce competition in the tourism sector, a growing body of literature has emphasised the importance of brand innovativeness on customer behaviours to gain a competitive advantage. Drawing upon the Stimulus-Organism-Response framework and Signaling theory, a proposed mediation model aims to enrich extant knowledge by stressing the influence of brand innovativeness on brand loyalty through individual dimensions of online brand experience in the context of online booking. Through an online self-administered survey,…
Systematic Literature Review (SLR) on the Application of Regression Techniques in Hospitality Management
Tahir Sufi, Selim Ahmad & Rafikul Islam
Abstract: Managers are expected to make data-driven decisions instead of simply making a decision based on general observations or intuition. In this regard, regression analysis is one of the data analysis techniques that guides managers in forecasting and optimising decision-making. Further, advanced statistical techniques in the research studies of any academic discipline also demonstrate scientific progress and degree of maturity as well as establish the generation of non-speculative knowledge…
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